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* Combining technology & the human eye


* Experience: 26 million+ words, 500+ titles


* The future of proofreading: faster, more            accurate, affordable


* Decide what you spend: stay within budget

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Code of conduct


* We will maintain the price we quote to you, which will not increase after the work commences. Our prices are fixed (though periodically reviewed) and viewable on this site.


* We will agree a deadline for the return of your document. Should we find that the work is taking slightly longer than we thought, we will contact you beforehand for your approval.


* We will copy-edit and/or proofread your digital document in two ways: (1) our software will correct obvious errors; and then (2) we will do a full, human read-through.


* We retain digitally both your original document and our revised document for a minimum period of six years in case of any dispute (the Limitation Act 1980 refers), after which time they may be permanently deleted from our systems.


* We will address, by email, any claim or complaint that our work is unsatisfactory or faulty. Although all proofreaders and systems are fallible, we offer a second proofreading as follows. When we deliver the document to you, we note how many corrections, revisions, additions and deletions we have made. An ‘error tolerance factor’ of 0.5% then applies. For example, we have made 643 corrections, revisions, additions and deletions. If, within 6 months, you find 3 or more clear errors (i.e. 643 x 0.5%), we will proofread the original document again free of charge.


* We will conduct business with you in a prompt and courteous manner. We will be available by email or phone seven days a week.

Code of conduct