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FICTION document ?


NON-FICTION document ?


- Novel / novella



- Theatre or film script



- Poetry or short stories



- Any creative and imaginative work

Any factual text, which may be specialised:

books, theses, essays, reviews and articles,

and reports. Your document might be a history of Japanese cinema, an account of women’s tennis, a nutritional textbook, a business or legal document, or a memoir of the American Civil War.

Website or Blog ?

We can proofread your website or blog in the same way that we would proofread anything else. We’ll still use our software and the human eye, and we’ll remain incredibly affordable.


Prices start at just £19.99.


Sites vary in size and so we’ll need to quote you a firm price. Please contact us here with your details.  





* Combining technology & the human eye


* Experience: 26 million+ words, 500+ titles


* The future of proofreading: faster, more            accurate, affordable


* Decide what you spend: stay within budget

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