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I first got in contact with ProofProfessor when I was in dire straits with my fantasy novel, ‘Desolation’. My editor at the time decided to close shop with no warning. I had advance readers and everything lined up, and no one to edit the book... ProofProfessor acted promptly, and stepped in at short notice. Matt more than filled the shoes my previous editor had left behind. He is an absolute pleasure to work with. You can expect a highly responsive editor who makes smart editorial choices, and delivers an altogether quality piece of work. I am more than willing to elaborate on my experiences to anyone in need of it.

Jesper Schmidt, author of the Keystone Bone trilogy


After a fruitless search, I was lucky enough to find Matt after I sent out a tweet looking for proofreading help. Although my manuscript had been thoroughly copy-edited, seen by a group of beta readers, and reread many times by myself, Matt still managed to find a number of things that had been missed. He did not just find typos and grammatical errors, but also picked up on a number of sentences and references that were unclear. All of which I desperately needed to rectify before publishing. Matt was not only a dream at proofreading but also a pleasure to work with. He was personable and patient. Once Matt had received my manuscript and confirmed a date for return, he kept to his word and returned my manuscript with tracked changes when promised. I cannot recommend Matt enough for all of your proofreading needs!

Olwen Cowling, author of The Confessions of an Inept Love Soldier


Matt and his team at ProofProfessor are proof professionals. I’ve used their copy-editing service for both of my books and the work is always fantastic. Matt can take a good book and sharpen it like a katana, making it a GREAT book. Not to mention that it’s the most affordable editing service around!

J.M. Bush, author of Storm in Shanghai


Personally I had a great experience with the guys over at ProofProfessor, though it took me a while to find them. Twitter was one of the ways I got in contact with them. ProofProfessor is cheaper, luckily they also had a discount going when I approached them, which saved me another 10 percent. Have a look at their services and/or contact them via Twitter: you’ll get a quick, friendly and professional response. Their approach, combining technology with the human eye is somewhat unique, which drew my attention.

Bas van Kaam, author of Inside Citrix


A big thank-you goes out to Matt and his team at ProofProfessor. This was my first attempt at writing a novel and had no clue how to do so. I had an idea to write a novel and so I sat down and started writing. I stink at grammar: period. I am one of the worst at it. I found ProofProfessor on Twitter and they took my tragic grammar mess of a novel and worked their magic, and, trust me, they had their work cut out, and they did an awesome job. I look forward to working with them on several more projects. Thank you again, ProofProfessor.

DK McCloud, author of Hollis McCalister: Summer Camp


Been in publishing 25 years. Just got a tight deadline MS fm @ProofProfessor – BEST. Service. Ever. Meticulous, precise. Saved us a day.

Martin Belk,


I was looking for a reasonably priced, thorough proofreader for my first novel. I posted a tweet asking if there were any good proofreaders out there who wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. ProofProfessor got in touch with me and I’m glad they did. Not only were they reasonably priced, but they were very thorough and caught many things that I would have missed without their expert eyes. The turnaround time was amazing and I was impressed with the level of communication, even though they were “across the pond” and several time zones ahead of me. I highly recommend ProofProfessor and will be calling upon them again for my second novel.

Cordelia Wood, author of Cross Culture


ProofProfessor did a great job on editing the manuscript of my doctoral dissertation. Not only did they help with correcting spelling mistakes, they also assured me that there were no inconsistencies in technical terms, use of capitalisation and references. The edits certainly helped me to bring the text to a higher level. Furthermore, the communication and organisation during the whole process were pleasant and efficient.

Martijn ten Bhömer


We came across ProofProfessor via Twitter and after an initial face-to-face Skype meeting decided to go with them rather than others we had in mind. The price was clear from the outset and it turned out to be great value for money as they dedicated their time to our novel 100% straightaway. Everything was explained to us along the way, contact was immediate, and we are really happy with the results. The book is sitting with the literary agents as we speak and we are comfortable that we have delivered a perfected proofread and edited novel!

Sarah Surgey and Emma Vestrheim


I chose Matt Rance to proofread my book after he was the first to respond to my tweet about looking for a UK-based proofreader. He was easy to communicate with and provided very reasonable pricing for his services. My book was returned to me fully proofread in paper format just a fortnight later, including some concise feedback on the content and writing without suggesting I change too much. He was also able to answer all my questions in great detail via web chat. A very polished and professional service and I would highly recommend.

Hayley Bullivant, author of Sorcerous


Initially I made contact via Twitter and they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse... As a brand new self-publishing author, anything other than writing the story was quite daunting. ProofProfessor held my hand through the copy-edit and proofread with great communication throughout and lots of great advice and ideas. I was very happy with their service and costs, as well as the layout of my file afterwards, with all suggestions and ideas highlighted on the pages in red a great help. I even mentioned them in the acknowledgements of my debut novel, ‘The Brown Stuff’, to demonstrate how pleased I was with their work. Professional, speedy service says it all. Many thanks and look forward to sending you my next novel.

Richard Mason, author


ProofProfessor didn’t stop at spelling and grammatical errors – they found inconsistencies in our text ranging from abbreviations, capitalisation and even formatting. Not to mention that the corrections were wholly clear to someone new to this service. It’s reassuring to know that we have found a proofreader for life in ProofProfessor.

Paddy O’Hara, Formandcue


After evaluating and comparing various proofreading services, I decided to give ProofProfessor a try. I wasn’t disappointed. Matt Rance did an excellent job proofreading my PhD thesis, even noticing the linguistic subtleties of academic writing. Communication with ProofProfessor was always swift, and reassured me that I made the right choice and that I would receive the corrected file in time – which is quite of the essence when being close to the submission deadline. I’ll recommend Matt Rance and ProofProfessor to anyone looking for a dedicated, meticulous and reliable proofreader!

Andreas Peter


We found ProofProfessor through a random tweet, looking for someone to proofread a screenplay we were about to go into pre-production with. After a Twitter message exchange and a brief chat on the phone, we decided they sounded like the right people for us. The screenplay was read and sent back to us within a matter of days. We were really pleased with the results. The attention to detail and extra effort they put in, to check even the smallest thing, was astonishing. We will be using them again. If you were to ask us, would we recommend them to you? Absolutely, they provide a service others will struggle to compete with.

Andrew Bruce-Lockhart, screenwriter of PhatNav and director at SendCake Films


ProofProfessor can always be relied on. They stick to their deadlines, and I use them again and again. No matter how good you are as a writer, having a fresh pair of eyes that you trust to look at your work can only improve and enrich your writing. I trust ProofProfessor profusely. They have edited and proofread some of my books, articles and other pieces of writing. They are always a pleasure to deal with and charge the best rates I have seen around.

Janey Bowyer, British fiction writer, self-help and yoga blogger, and yoga teacher


ProofProfessor copy-edited and proofread my non-fiction book in a most professional and thorough way. The manuscript contained many WW2 terms, dates and Dutch names, which were handled accurately and with great care. In addition, some excellent suggestions were made for improvement of the text. As it is a story that is very personal to me, it was reassuring to know that this was done sympathetically and with an understanding of the subject matter. I was amazed at some of the errors found, but then authors always think there aren’t any!

Aletta Stevens, author of Looking for Uncle Joop: A Long-Lost Story from Nazi-Occupied Holland


I was having trouble finding an editor. ProofProfessor found me and I started using them. They are great. They edit great. I am very pleased with the results. They are a great second eye. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Courtney Asunmaa


ProofProfessor’s copy-editing gave my finished novel, ‘Retribution: Sector 64 Book Two’, the professional polish that readers deserve. Matt did such an excellent job that I had him go over my first book as well. He found numerous punctuation errors that my previous editor and I had missed. Now both novels of the ‘Sector 64’ series shine like a new penny. Money well spent.

Dean M. Cole, author


A chance tweet put me in touch with the ProofProfessor. Now, whether I am published and have an editor, or am self-published and need one, the ProofProf gets the work. Speed, accuracy, warmth and understanding of

your text mean Matt Rance is the go-to man. And if you're self-publishing, you know you have no budget but you can’t put out dross. Matt is a very affordable service who will improve your manuscript 1000 times in days, especially when you think it’s already ready. Absolute value for money. He even proofread this quote but didn't

interfere with it!

Tony Horne, author of Tango 190 with PC David Rathband, Getting Over the X with Steve Brookstein, and The Man and the Mask with Paul Dadge


Reform Creative commissioned ProofProfessor for a major contract for one of our clients in the educational sector. This was an important project as it was the first one with our client. We required accuracy,

professionalism and a partner that would quickly understand the needs of our client and the content. The ProofProfessor team proved to be all of these things and more. We are delighted with the service. This project - some 80 titles so far - was made difficult by the clients’ writing being in a poor condition, which required much editing and correction. We are extremely pleased with the service we received and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ProofProfessor to anyone needing an honestly good service. We are continuing to work with the organisation and will continue doing so into the future.

Paul Heaton, Reform Creative


We can strongly recommend ProofProfessor. We received an efficient, reliable service, extremely thorough in reading and checking our 44-page report. The edits were clearly shown on a marked-up pdf, making it easy for us to simply copy and paste into our artwork. Our client, a leading university, was absolutely delighted with suggestions made and extremely grateful for the errors spotted.

Andrew Lathwell, Lathwell & Associates


Matt Rance’s eagle-eyed attention to detail and close acquaintance with the finer nuances of the English language mean that I can be secure in the knowledge that the materials our organisation sends out will not let us down in standards of professional presentation. I am also impressed with the speed with which he was able to skill himself up in the language of our particular programme and make meaningful judgements about this.

Wendy Skelton, Development Manager, Success for All UK


I came across ProofProfessor via Twitter while searching for a proofreader for my first novel in English. Luckily they answered one of my tweets which caught my attention. Since I am a non-native and a real nit-picker I needed a professional to work through it and point out my errors in both spelling and grammar, and they did! I got my manuscript back within a week. Thank you very much, ProofProfessor, for doing such a thorough job! I am really satisfied with using ProofProfessor and will continue doing so! Their services are really affordable and professional, and I can highly recommend them.

Stephanie Seeberger, author of The Tears of the Unicorns I: Temptation


ProofProfessor is professional, high-quality, high-value editing for any level writer you are. Fast with great communication. I highly recommend. Do not submit without going through ProofProfessor first.

Dutch Jones, author of EAP, Long Flight Home and Rose


Who proofreads the proofreader? Every author needs a proofreader. I’ve been saying that for years. We don’t see what we wrote; we see what we think we wrote. I need everything I publish to be flawless. I don’t want a potential customer to see some sloppy writing and wonder what else I do sloppily, because then I’ve lost that potential customer. So when I’m the author, who do I turn to when I need someone to proofread my writing? ProofProfessor, of course. I don’t know anyone more thorough, and having him point out my mistakes keeps me humble.

Michael LaRocca, author and editor


A big thanks to the @ProofProfessor for reviewing my book, ‘Closedown’. This was my first experience with a proofreader. It is rare that I get things right at first attempt with service providers, but I will use ProofProfessor again. Great approach. Valuable feedback. Fantastic job. His review comments and changes were easy to relate to and the job was done in a week. I could not ask for more.

Daniel Dunn, author of Closedown


I did a lot of research when looking for a proofreader for my young adult novel. ProofProfessor offered the best prices and the quickest turnaround. They did not disappoint. I was amazed at the number of mistakes that were caught. Not only that, their communication was phenomenal. I think they must work around the clock! Between my beta readers and ProofProfessor, I feel confident that I’ve produced a better novel. I can’t imagine publishing another book without them.

Sherry Torgent, author of Dandelion on Fire


ProofProfessor saved me from grammar and punctuation embarrassment. They’ll point out the small stuff like missing commas and dashes, but also inconsistencies in your writing, as well as clichés. I was very impressed. It’s a fantastic service at a fair price. I particularly enjoyed the professionalism in their customer service. I’ve already recommended to all my writing buddies. You can’t go wrong.

Benjamin Brunsvik, author of Smoked Red


I can’t thank the ProofProfessor enough for everything they have done. They have exceeded expectation, providing some useful alternatives. This was a very brave project to take on given the nature of the subject and they tackled it with professionalism, honesty and integrity.

Claire Pickering, Richmond Pickering


The service was extremely satisfactory, thanks once again, and the publishers are happy with the first draft that has come their way.

Tom F. Wright, editor of The Cosmopolitan Lyceum: Lecture Culture and the Globe in Nineteenth-Century America


I was grateful that Matt accepted to proofread my thesis within such a short time frame before the deadline. His swift communication responses and approachable attitude were another added benefit. He was able to pinpoint the grammatical errors that I was not able to detect after endless reviewing of my own work.

Tamara Samman


With ProofProfessor being the first editing company I’ve ever worked with, it was a pleasant experience. Their process, their professionalism, and, most of all, their kind willingness to work with me have been extremely helpful, not only for my author work but for my professional life in general.

Amanda Nuri, author

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