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Matt Rance did a wonderful job of proofreading my PhD thesis on the anthropology of Sierra Leonean fisherfolk. He was efficient, professional and meticulous, but also very pleasant to work with. I would recommend ProofProfessor to anyone. I feel far more confident submitting my work knowing it has been subjected to his eagle eye!

Jenny Diggins


I had thought for a long time that my novel, ‘Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark’, had been sufficiently edited. However, after having Matt Rance of ProofProfessor take a look at it, I discovered that it was in some serious need of work. The quick turnaround time and attractive fee guarantee my return to ProofProfessor for my future novels. Thanks ever so much again.

Andrew Lamb, author of Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark


Since my novel will soon be published in Britain, I almost daily have to write emails and letters in English. Matt is always ready to correct my correspondence and that is reassuring. As an author, I cannot afford to write errors.

Jolien Janzing, Dutch author of De Meester (The Master)


You guys did an awesome job! Thanks for the fast turnaround and wonderful proofing job. I can see the attention to detail. I’ll be using your services again in the future!

Lauren Hunter, ChurchTechToday


Easy to deal with and accommodating. I’m very happy with the service I got from ProofProfessor.

David Kerekes,


I’ve only dipped my toe into the document you sent, but I can see it as a viable way to bullet proof a novel. I’m very satisfied with the results.

Mikey Neumann, author


This was my first experience of hiring a professional proofreader, so when I approached ProofProfessor I was delighted to be provided with a sample of what to expect, a careful and friendly conversation about what I wanted, and a real interest in my project that gave me the confidence to take the plunge. The ProofProfessor team not only spotted mistakes my eyes (and computer software) had evidently glossed over in the dozens of self-edits I had already completed, but also provided me with an honest and helpful reader’s report, plus editorial suggestions for the text itself. My text is now tighter, with repeated words, weak intensifiers and ambiguous phrases deleted and revised, and the punctuation and grammar throughout are now consistent – and, more importantly, correct! So I would highly recommend the ProofProfessor service to new and experienced authors alike – especially if you are considering self-publishing and want your text to be as professionally presented as possible within a tight budget.

Garry Abbott, author of The Dimension Scales,


I needed a good proofreader for a large private commission for the history of a family and their property across the UK. Not wanting to spend too much, but also be assured of a thorough job, I turned to ProofProfessor. Matt was extremely helpful and understanding, and offered an excellent proofreading service – including all my complicated historical references! A reliable and efficient service, I was really impressed.

Melanie Backe-Hansen, House Historian, author of Historic Streets & Squares: The Secrets On Your Doorstep


Anyone who is in any doubt about whether or not they need a proofreader should send their work to Matt at ProofProfessor. His attention to detail is second to none. I thought my manuscript was good enough for publication – it wasn’t. Not only did he find hundreds of small grammatical errors I’d missed, but also a few real howlers. I know from experience of self-publishing on Amazon that readers and reviewers pick up on these. What could have been a 5* review can quickly turn into a 2* one. Not only is Matt thorough and efficient, he is also quick. I needed my 50,000+ word manuscript back within a week and he delivered as promised. A first-class service, and I won’t be looking anywhere else for my future work.

Jason Ayres, author of The Time Bubble


Thank you for the speedy turnaround. I can't praise the ProofProfessor team enough. They were very methodical and diligent in their work, providing an excellent service and very good value for money. I can recommend them for proofreading and editing, and I will certainly use them again.

Martin Lamport, author of The Doomsday Infection


I have to admit, as a published author, I was pretty skeptical about using any website for copyediting. Plus, when I realized they were based in England, I had to wonder: Would he change all my z’s to s’s? But since I heard about ProofProfessor from a trusted author friend who’d had a great experience, I decided to give them a shot. Absolutely brilliant. The Professor caught spelling mistakes, homonym missteps, minuscule spacing errors and more. I’m sold on ProofProfessor--and for a really great price, I might add. Only problem is, now I’m super hesitant to hit “print” without the Professor’s approval!

Carolyn Evans, author of Forty Beads,


We’ve turned to ProofProfessor with short turnaround times and they’ve been efficient, skilled and speedy in their work. I’d recommend them to any publisher for quality proofing work.

Mark Buckland, Cargo Publishing,


Thank you, ProofProfessor, for doing such a thorough job on my manuscript. I was impressed with your work and the turnaround time, despite the obstacles presented by the dialect in my novel. I will definitely be using you again.

Liz Kerr, author of Journey to the Other Side,


I used ProofProfessor for my first contemporary romance novel, and was bowled over by the expeditiousness and efficiency of their services. Truth be told, I had thought my manuscript didn’t contain many errors due to the numerous times I ‘self-edited’. But ProofProfessor picked up on every little error in my work that would have most likely gone unnoticed, and errors that were so glaring I wanted to cover my eyes in shame! The suggestions he made were excellent, and if there was a sentence that seemed askew, ProofProfessor straightforwardly pointed out that the sentence simply did not make any sense. In short, I get a lot more than proofreading at a most reasonable price from ProofProfessor. Therefore, when it was time for my second manuscript to be proofread, I didn’t even think twice about using ProofProfessor. I intend on using ProofProfessor’s services for all my future projects.

S. Ann Cole,, author of Mr. Mysterious in Black and Love Has a Name


This was my first time using a proofreader for my work. ProofProfessor was an incredible proofreader for me. A qualitative thesis needs good quality for interpreting the findings. ProofProfessor helped me in choosing words and finding grammatical errors in my thesis. The ability of extensive proofreading helps my qualitative thesis… Thank you, Prof ☺ … I love your work <3

Yunita Fitria, International Islamic University Malaysia


ProofProfessor provided me with the required assistance that I needed to finalise my Doctorate thesis. Thanks to them, I’m confident with the level of my thesis. They were professional, punctual and very analytical in their proofreading. I recommend them to postgraduate students, especially those similar to my case, whose English is not their native language.

Rabaa Alsumaiti, Dubai, UAE


To say that the ProofProfessor team are meticulous in their approach is really to direct you to their very clever proofreading software, which seems to be able to root out even the most hidden and unseen errors and inconsistencies. This is clearly something of a first in the industry, and should be widely used by publishers and authors seeking a final text as close as possible to 100% accuracy.

Graham Cook, Writersworld


Thank you very much for such a quick turnaround. I will have more projects in the future and I will be coming back to you and will certainly be recommending your service. I think you have a great business model.

Niamh Murphy, author


Since I am from non-native country, employing a professional proofreader for my master thesis is necessary. ProofProfessor has satisfied me with his excellent job: checking and correcting some grammatical errors that I made, giving some valuable comments on the word choice, and ensuring the consistency of my language structure. His punctuality is also notable. Thank you, ProofProfessor. Great job!

Qurroh Ayuniyyah, master's student at the International Islamic University, Malaysia


Jestem bardzo wdzięczna ProofProfessorowi za wykonanie korekty angielskiej wersji mojej strony internetowej. Jako tłumacz chciałam, aby moja strona firmowa promowała profesjonalny wizerunek i wywierała dobre wrażenie na potencjalnych klientach. Nie mogłam sobie pozwolić na żadne błędy! ProofProfessor świetnie wywiązał się z zadania. Jego wiedza teoretyczna w zakresie gramatyki języka angielskiego jest niezrównana. Nie tylko zlokalizował i poprawił on błędy, lecz również objaśnił mi wprowadzone poprawki. Jego usługi mogę polecić wszystkim osobom poszukującym doskonałego korektora, który sprawi, że tekst będzie


I am very grateful to ProofProfessor for proofreading the English copy of my website. As a translator, I wanted my business website to promote a professional image and make a good impression on potential clients. I could not afford to have any errors! ProofProfessor did a fantastic job. His theoretical knowledge of English grammar is unparalleled. He not only located errors and rectified them, but also explained the corrections. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for an excellent proofreader who can make their text mistake-free.

Katarzyna E. Slobodzian-Taylor, translator from English and Dutch into Polish: Mastermind Translations,


One of my authors is considering dedicating a shrine in his house to ProofProfessor. I think that’s a good idea: highly competent work, great service and competitive pricing.

Brad Thompson, Ashgrove Publishing


I have been very impressed with the service given by the team at ProofProfessor. Not only are they accurate and thorough, but also incredibly speedy in handling all that was required. On many occasions, submitted work was returned within 24 hours, enabling myself to continue working on my project without delay. Emails were answered swiftly in a professional and friendly manner. The price is fantastic: such a small fee for the feeling of confidence gained knowing your work is grammatically correct. I would definitely recommend ProofProfessor and I hope to be submitting further work to them in the future.

Olly Pike


I used the ProofProfessor for my Kickstarter campaign and was surprised by the speed, professionalism and kindness of this service. Will definitely book more gigs, way to go!

Robert Kouba, Film Director


I was impressed by the speed and painstaking efficiency with which ProofProfessor was able to locate the spelling errors and inconsistencies on our website: thankfully, they took the job right out of our hands! Once we have input the corrections, our website will be even more user-friendly, and also continue to present us in a good PR fashion to the site's users and visitors.

Yvonne Neuman, VITAL For Children


Your corrections and comments are invaluable and ‘right on the money’. You are already at the top of my new ‘best proofreaders’ list. I shall strongly recommend you to other writers, and will definitely come back with future work.

Nikki Bridgman


I appreciate the service rendered by ProofProfessor. Our proofreading order was fulfilled quickly and thoroughly. Highly recommended!

Volodymyr Ulyanets,


I used the team at ProofProfessor to review our website and I was amazed at the amount of errors they found with grammar and spelling, this is despite the content on our site having been professionally and carefully written. I would strongly recommend them to other website owners, it is easy for a poorly written piece of content to cause a visitor to hit the back button, whereas a properly written piece of text can turn more visitors into new business. Thanks again for all your help and the excellent input.

Simon Chapple, Total SEO,


ProofProfessor heeft met verbazingwekkende snelheid en grondigheid twee wetenschappelijke manuscripten voor mij gecorrigeerd. Hoewel ik gebruik had gemaakt van spellingscontrole en de tekst al diverse keren had doorgenomen, vond ProofProfessor er toch nog verschillende spelfouten in. Hij maakte mij bovendien attent op inconsequent gebruik van termen en afkortingen. Voor een woord met een, binnen de ‘zakelijke’ context, opvallend emotionele lading gaf ProofProfessor mij een neutraler alternatief. De minimale vertraging die het proeflezen van de tekst met zich meebracht woog ruim op tegen de professionele uitstraling van het eindresultaat.

ProofProfessor corrected two scientific (veterinary) manuscripts for me with amazing speed and thoroughness. Although I had made use of a spell checker and had already gone through the text a couple of times, ProofProfessor still found several spelling mistakes in it. He also alerted me to inconsistent use of terms and abbreviations. ProofProfessor gave me a neutral alternative for a word which, in a ‘business’ context, had a distinctly emotional charge. The minimum delay involved in having the text proofread was amply compensated for by the professional appearance of the end result.

Sylvia Djajadiningrat-Laanen, Universiteitskliniek voor Gezelschapsdieren, Universiteit Utrecht


Soon after requesting proofreading for general spelling mistakes, ProofProfessor contacted me to discuss if it would not be better to check my work more thoroughly. A few pages served as an example, and I was quite quickly convinced that my work would benefit greatly from this. I spent the whole weekend improving my work, and moreover I think it actually improved my writing: I appear to be very consistent in my mistakes. So I was very happy with the result!

Eva Deckers, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven


I decided to self-publish my teen novel on Kindle. ProofProfessor were professional, quick and excellent value. I would highly recommend them. They offered a choice of either a digital copy, or a marked-up hardcopy, catering for individual preferences. Overall a delight to work with.

Ruth Patterson, author of Barefoot




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