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We can certainly recommend ProofProfessor with whom we regularly work. Our business can have a significant number of titles to be proofread or copy-edited, often within limited timescales – but this mustn’t compromise the quality. We are therefore fortunate that ProofProfessor consistently and efficiently deliver such high-standard work.

Douglas Walker, Publishing Director, The Self-Publishing Partnership


Although we were happy with our proofers in the past, too many mistakes still remained. ProofProfessor’s unique combination of software and human beady eye ensures our future publications will be clear of any embarrassing typos, duplications, wrong words, floating marks and factual errors. Best of all they were able to manage our last-minute timelines, ensuring we got to meet our print deadlines and deliver the best possible product.

Tania Pascoe, Director, Wild Things Publishing


Working with ProofProfessor has vastly improved the quality and content of the revised edition of my book My American Odyssey: From the Windrush to the White House’. He delivered promptly exactly what he had promised. ProofProfessor has a hawk’s eye and fanatical desire and appetite to eradicate errors, typos and mistakes that frankly others do not and did not see. In addition, he gave me a better insight and advice on my content and improving my future work and writing, which we will develop for my second book and other commissioned works.

Roger Griffith, broadcaster and author


Working with Matt at ProofProfessor was a wonderful and gratifying experience. I needed a proofreader to take a close look at my manuscript before sending it off to my publisher, and Matt stepped up for the challenge. The entire interaction was seamless and easy in terms of sending him my work and receiving the edits by the promised deadline. The edits he provided on my work were extensive, thoughtful, and meticulous, and I found myself surrendering to his expertise without fear that he had missed anything. He did not miss a thing, surprising me even with issues in my writing that I had missed, and I felt that my book was in expert hands the entire time. In addition to the actual work he did for my book, he wrote me thoughtful emails that encouraged me as a writer, presenting himself not just as a professional proofreader but also as a considerate reader with excellent feedback and insights. It was a pleasure working with him, and I encourage anyone reading this to hire him before sending your work out for publication. Your book will be treated with care and respect.

Marina DelVecchio, author


If you’re looking for someone to ensure that the manuscript you’ve slaved over arrives with agents or publishers blemish-free, then I’d recommend They do a thorough job quickly and professionally, and spot the errors which inevitably pass you by after the fourteenth draft.

Simon Toseland, ghostwriter and editor


I’ve been really impressed with the copy-editing service provided by ProofProfessor. From the moment I first contacted them they’ve been helpful, informative and professional. They turned my manuscript around within the stated time, the quality of their proofreading was excellent, and they responded to all my queries and comments promptly. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them – once you’ve submitted your work, you can rest assured that it is in excellent hands.

Carolyn Mahony, author


Since English isn’t my native language, I find it reassuring to have my English blog posts checked by a professional before I dispatch them into cyberspace. Matt has polished several of my posts with an eagle eye and has helped me with sound, invaluable suggestions for improvement. He’s also commented positively about my writing, which has spurred me on to further improve it. I warmly recommend ProofProfessor as the go-to team to anyone who is looking for a reliable, meticulous and reasonably priced copy-editing service!

Elisabeth Hippe-Heisler, German translator


I wrote my first novel a couple of years ago now and I was totally in the dark about proofreading and editing. From a recommendation I found ProofProfessor and I’m so glad I did. Speaking with Matt, which put me at ease, I was confident about the finished product. I’m in the process of my second novel which will be worked on by Matt. I have no problem at all in recommending ProofProfessor to any aspiring author.

Mark Childerley, author


I always felt that I didn’t need a proofreader. ProofProfessor continue to prove why I was wrong. Not only are they insanely accurate and excellent value for money, but they also go further than the call of duty to keep their clients happy. ProofProfessor are as crucial to my writing career as a laptop, a great designer and even my own imagination.

Tony Moyle, author


I have now read the whole of the excellent revision you have done for me and I’m very impressed and pleased with the outcome. It has been money well spent. The entire document is a lot easier on the eye and more reader-friendly. I knew there were errors but couldn’t see the wood for the trees, and your corrections have allowed me to make some small revisions as to how a character would react or reply to a situation. They are not big changes but things I wouldn’t have noticed without your input. Thank you for your hard work, attention to detail and what I liked most of all, your relaxed, friendly approach. In this modern era, it’s pleasing to find a business who are happy to let customers proceed when they’re ready to use their services and not bombard them with irritating email after email.

Ralph Surry, author


Very professional and respectful of the work that he edited. A pleasure working with him and I learned a lot about the difference in terminology. He was very kind and understanding of the stresses that come with being a new author and having someone else reading your work. He helped to bring out the personalities of the characters in the manuscript in that they were based on real people.

Donna Emerich, author


I’m ever so grateful for the referral to Matt at ProofProfessor! He and his team gave several suggestions for my book title and even advised me there was more editing to do. The experience was friendly and professional all the way. I’m writing my second book and plan to use ProofProfessor for the content and copy editing. Highly recommended!

De Fletcher, author


I had my debut novel Velvet Touch proofread and copy-edited by Matt and it was a great experience. I requested to have the manuscript sent to me and corrected on paper, not digitally. I received it at the two weeks’ deadline, just as he had promised. The manuscript arrived by courier and all Matt’s corrections/ suggestions were clearly explained. He has a very good system set in place. I will certainly want to work with him again for my next novel(s).

Lily Bloom, author


Matt at ProofProfessor has provided an efficient, fast, cost-effective service. I couldn’t have asked for more and he is my “go-to” person for any book-related problems. I am writing a series of books, so in the New Year I will have no hesitation in using him again.

Sue C Medcalf, author


I would personally recommend using ProofProfessor – Matt and Alex are great individuals who are really committed to any project you give them, no matter the length or complexity. They will even help with tips and tricks of the trade. If you need a reliable editor, I would definitely say choose this company. Their turnaround time on a big project is quick – mine was 100k+ words, they were very thorough and quick! I will be using them in the future!

Kelsey Bentley, author


Matt is diligent and professional, with crystal-clear communication and great attention to detail. He’s edited two manuscripts of mine now and I will be hitting him up for editing in the future.

Pasha Adam, author


I searched the web for months looking for an editor for my book. Eventually, I found ProofProfessor and decided to give them a shot. Matt assured me that he would do an extensive edit of my first novel, Kill Guancho!, and I have to say that he did a superb job! The price seemed very good and Matt was always on hand by e-mail or telephone to answer my questions. I would highly recommend ProofProfessor for a complete editing service.

Steven Johnson, author


I have used your services for proofreading and copy-editing for four of my Amazon books. I was very pleased as you completed the work efficiently and speedily. Your professionalism is appreciated, as are your views, even if they don’t always match mine! I look forward to working with you again.

Eve Forbes, author




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